BGESBelgian Group for Endoscopic Surgery
BGESDepartment of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences (Cleveland State University; Cleveland, OH)
BGESBord Gais Energy Supply (Dublin, Ireland)
BGESBlue & Gray Education Society (Chatham, VA)
BGESBiomass Gasification Engine System
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As shown in Figure 2, there were four components of butyl glycerol ethers (BGEs) in the etherification products of glycerol with 1-butene over Amberlyst-15.
Of those, 117 (42%) were hyperglycemic BGEs. See Figure 1 for the percentage of BGEs per day in the four daily CBGs (one event per day, two events per day, etc.).
As regards upward mobility, it can be seen that, for the 1980s, the BGES data for 1983 and 1987 show somewhat higher levels than do the GHS data but, whether this is taken as a real or simply a 'survey' effect, it is still the case that for both the earlier and the later GHS points, one could draw a horizontal line across the graph within their confidence intervals at around the 32-3 per cent mark according to the Goldthorpe schema.
The presence of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(tetrafluoromethansulphonyl)imide [[C.sub.4]MIm][[Tf.sub.2]N] in ACN/alcohol BGEs was investigated in that work.
The second BGE contained 50 mM [Na.sub.2][B.sub.4][O.sub.7] with 15 mM [beta]-cyclodextrine (P-CD).
To stabilize migration times and effect a better separation, different counterions of the BGEs were sought.
BGES also reaches out to gas and water companies to learn when a specific site first connected to those services.
Joining them to announce several of the winners were VIP guests David Diaz, vice president of finance for BGEs Constellation division; Rafael Olazagasti, vice president of Wells Fargo; Tom Geddes, CEO of Plank Industries; and Roger Campos, assistant secretary of the Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development.