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BGGBoard Game Geek (website)
BGGBriggs & Stratton Corporation (stock symbol)
BGGBehindertengleichstellungsgesetzes (German)
BGGBig Green Gathering (UK)
BGGBovine Gamma Globulin
BGGBiblische Glaubens Gemeinde (German)
BGGBij Geen Gehoor (Dutch: if no answer)
BGGBiomasseforgasnings-Gruppen (German)
BGGBy God's Grace
BGGBon Gros Géant (French: Big Friendly Giant; Roald Dahl children's novel)
BGGBusiness Generator Group AS
BGGBusiness Graphics Group (Pleasanton, California)
BGGBetter Golf Guaranteed
BGGBond Van Gentse Germanisten (German)
BGGBongouanou Airport (Ivory Coast)
BGGBiomass Gasification Group (University of Denmark)
BGGBanque Genevoise de Gestion SA (French; Swiss bank management company; Geneva, Switzerland)
BGGBlonde Guy Gamer
BGGBuiten: Gewoon Goed
BGGB Gibson Group (Raleigh, North Carolina)
BGGBighorn Gas Gathering, LLC
BGGBeijing Ginko Group
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BGG has been strongly advocated to determine appropriate Rh immune globulin therapy (RhIg) to prevent the formation of alloimmunization to anti-D.
BGG is implementing around 95% of all activities related to the L-shaped project through a $65.3m (AED240m) contract.
Experimental IgAN was induced in 4-week-old Lewis rats by continuous oral immunization with 0.1% BGG in 6 mmol/L HCl as drinking water for 9 weeks, followed by intravenous injection of 1 mg BGG (dissolved in 0.3 ml 6 mmol/L HCl) into the tail vein daily for 3 successive days.[sup][26],[28] TAK242, dissolved in 20% lipovenoes at 3 mg*kg [sup]−2*d [sup]−1 (7.5 ml/kg), was injected into rats with IgAN for 8 days after completing the model-creation (TAK242 group).
The BGG (1999) model is extended to include both credit-constrained FIs in a financial sector and credit-constrained entrepreneurs in a nonfinancial sector.
BGG has been supplying major partners in Europe for many years and is already realizing 15% of its revenues in Europe.
(181) One YD Begawan Pehin Khatib Dato Paduka Haji Awang Abdul Hamid bin Metassan was appointed Pehin Khatib on 28 May 1966 (BGG 16.6.1966:160); previously styled "Awang Haji." SLJ SMB PKL, promoted DPMB in 1989 (PB 19.7.1989:12b, here styled Begawan Pehin Khatib, which implies that he would have been post-retirement by that date).
In 2000, BGG confirmed the presence of a natural gas field, now known as Gaza Marine, and concluded that developing the field would be technically and economically feasible.
A voltage of 15 KV between the syringe tip and the target, generated by high-voltage power supply (BGG DC high-voltage generator), purchased from the BMEI Co., Ltd.
The BGG initiative, found at, is certainly laudable and much of the information provided is helpful, although the site, still in its Beta version, is not yet especially easy to use.
Delayed hypersensitivity and leucocyte migration inhibition in checks with BGG or Marek's disease infection.
ItI dd d It sad dened me to g saddened t 0i 0i beingbeingread a lady of 80 is being rdald f 80 m d mierbl b b made miserable by by bgg y bullying amust rep g on or police.