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BGGBoard Game Geek (website)
BGGBriggs & Stratton Corporation (stock symbol)
BGGBehindertengleichstellungsgesetzes (German)
BGGBig Green Gathering (UK)
BGGBovine Gamma Globulin
BGGBiblische Glaubens Gemeinde (German)
BGGBij Geen Gehoor (Dutch: if no answer)
BGGBiomasseforgasnings-Gruppen (German)
BGGBon Gros Géant (French: Big Friendly Giant; Roald Dahl children's novel)
BGGBusiness Generator Group AS
BGGBusiness Graphics Group (Pleasanton, California)
BGGBetter Golf Guaranteed
BGGBond Van Gentse Germanisten (German)
BGGBongouanou Airport (Ivory Coast)
BGGBiomass Gasification Group (University of Denmark)
BGGBanque Genevoise de Gestion SA (French; Swiss bank management company; Geneva, Switzerland)
BGGBlonde Guy Gamer
BGGBuiten: Gewoon Goed
BGGB Gibson Group (Raleigh, North Carolina)
BGGBeijing Ginko Group
BGGBighorn Gas Gathering, LLC
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sup][26] induced IgAN in different rat strains by oral BGG immunization and found that mesangial IgA deposition was most severe in Lewis rats.
The BGG (1999) model is extended to include both credit-constrained FIs in a financial sector and credit-constrained entrepreneurs in a nonfinancial sector.
BGG has been supplying major partners in Europe for many years and is already realizing 15% of its revenues in Europe.
At a cost of $800 billion to develop the field and with rising gas prices, this wasn't an option for BGG and its partners.
In recent papers, Christiano, Trabandt, and Walentin (2007) and Christiano, Motto, and Rostagno (2010) build on BGG and examine the empirical importance of the financial accelerator using time series data from the United States and the euro area.
The effect of the SDS was compounded by a decrease in the color yields of the BSA and BGG protein calibrators used to calculate the protein concentration values (Table 1).
The BGG estimates that by 2003, the following six sectors will conduct more than 65 percent of all e-commerce purchases: retail, motor vehicles, shipping, industrial, equipment, high tech, and government.
The BGG model is a dynamic general-equilibrium model that focuses on the macroeconomic effects of imperfections in credit markets.
For the most part, the BGG model is a standard dynamic new Keynesian model, modified to allow for financial accelerator effects, as described in the previous section.
food and beverage markets," said Peinan Zhang, director of quality and regulatory for AlgaeHealth's parent company BGG.
Dabei sind fr die barrierefreien Lerninhalte die Vorgaben der BITV Verordnung zur Schaffung barrierefreier Informationstechnik nach dem BGG in ihrer aktuellen Version zu bercksichtigen.