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BGHBe Good Humans
BGHBundesgerichtshof (German federal supreme court)
BGHBovine Growth Hormone
BGHBuffalo General Hospital (Buffalo, NY)
BGHBrockville General Hospital (Brockville, ON, Canada)
BGHBig Game Hunters (Starcraft gaming map)
BGHBonne Gestion Environnementale en Hôtellerie (French: Good Environmental Hotel Management)
BGHBiobanques et Bases de Données de Recherche en Génétique Humaine (French: Biobanks and Databases for Research in Human Genetics)
BGHBasal Ganglia Hyperintensity
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The jurisprudence of the BGH has developed guidelines for such balancing, including: (a) If reports are truthful but disadvantageous, they must generally be accepted by the target.
Na Manova, foi constatado efeito significativo (P>F=0,0455) dos acessos de BGH sobre o vetor dos parametros yo e r, sugerindo que diferentes acessos providenciam diferentes curvas.
We define BGH as intentional, discretionary acts of helping group members perform in order to assist one or more other groups.
If we allow BGH to go on, I'm sure we're taking excessive risks with society.
One of the greatest strengths of the Canadian movement against BGH was the diversity of people and communities who were active in protesting.
Critics point out that in the case of BGH, Imitrex and the RCMP investigation into reports of a HPB cover-up over silicone breast implants, `deciding what to do about them' has included ignoring health risks, locking up scientists' files and issuing gag orders.
Readers will find an inside view into how these flacks have distorted debate on such issues as nuclear-waste disposal, BGH, animal rights, national health care, NAFTA, and smoking.
He'd been avocating a corporate campaign to get Land o' Lakes to agree not to use BGH.
BGH is a biotech drug made by Monsanto; its brand name is Posilac.
The controversy over BGH is a good example of the mine fields that Hettinga must negotiate.
The natural hormone is called BST (bovine somatotropin) or BGH (bovine growth hormone).