BGIABritish Gulf International Airlines (United Emirates)
BGIABerufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitsschutz
BGIABhopal Group for Information and Action (India)
BGIABureau of Geographic Information and Analysis
BGIABard Globalization and International Affairs
BGIABritish Golf Industry Association (UK)
BGIABard Globalization and International Affairs Program (Bard College)
BGIABusiness and Governmental Insurance Agency
BGIABahamas General Insurance Association
BGIABen-Gurion International Airport (Israel)
BGIABuffalo Grove Instrumental Association
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For instance, when BGIA activists fell from an air balloon while collecting samples in and around the Carbide factory, the story was covered as a safety issue regarding activists rather than exploring why they were doing what they were doing.
But groundwater contamination did not emerge as a story in the media until the late 1990s, when BGIA activists, compelled by signs of similar health complaints in gas-affected and non-affected communities alike, used a Boston laboratory to conduct independent tests on soil and water samples.
The stroke of brilliance in the creation of Sambhavna was the creation not only of a research and health care facility to fill the void left by government researchers and health care providers, but also of a fundraising arm for the clinic that could remain separate from the political activism that had defined much of the work of BGIA.
These new welding cells were installed by Engineering & Welding Supplies Ltd based in Ashfield and distributors for FLEXTRACTION LTD, who supplied two TEKA 'Strongmaster' BGIA approved 1,1 kW cartridge filter Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) units for the extraction of the welding fumes.
For the sake of brevity, details about the disaster and its aftermath have been avoided (see BGIA, 1992; Pearce and Tombs, 1989).
Salinath Sandgi, Convenor of the BGIA, said that people who were affected by the gas tragedy were still being forced to drink polluted water, as chemicals lying in and around the site have seeped into the earth and contaminated the groundwater sources.