BGLEBritish Graham Land Expedition
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Main features: this consultation concerns the implantation engineering, supply, delivery, assembly, installation and connection of kitchen equipment for the restaurant of the bt7 - chapit of the municipality of bgles. award of a single market.
Bt7 restaurant - bgles chapit, site of terres neuves 33130 begles
The Dries Ilot I in Bgles, Construction of 26 collective dwellings.
Address : Caserne Nansouty 223 ,Rue De Bgles Cs 21152 33068 Bordeaux Cedex
Contract notice: number of the consultation: 2019-vdbe-0008 purchase of toys for the children of the staff of the town of bgles
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: The chapit~o development of the bt 07 site of the new lands - city of bgles (france-bgles: Structural shell work)