BGLLBattle Ground Little League (Battle Ground, WA)
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In addition to previously reported cbhl, cbh2, egll, and bgll [9], expression of the other functional cellulase genes egl2, egl3, egl4 (cel6la), egl5, cel6lb, and bgl2 was significantly impaired in the [DELTA]xyr1 strain (Table 1).
(2009) utilizaron los promotores egl3 y xyn3 para estimular la expresion del gen de P-glucosidasa (bgll) en Trichoderma reesei, logrando que cadenas de blg 1 fueran sobreproducidas de 4 a 7,5 veces, sin disminuir la cantidad de celulasas.
Celobiohydrolase A (cbhA) and [beta]-glucosidase 1 (bgll) genes were never amplified in neither fermentation system while hydrophobin gene was poorly expressed only at 48 h growth in BF.