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In addition, the BglR transcription factor acts as a positive regulator of [beta]-glycosidases-specific genes [82].
Shida et al., "A new [Zn(II).sub.2][Cys.sub.6]-type transcription factor BglR regulates [beta]-glucosidase expression in Trichoderma reesei," Fungal Genetics and Biology, vol.
The regulation of cellulose deconstruction involves at least 10 transcription factors: the positive regulators XYR1, ACEII, ACEIII, LAE1, VEL1, BglR, and the HAP2/3/5 complex, as well the repressors ACEI, RCE1, and CRE1.
Encoding Protein ID FPKM genes of TFs genes of TFs (glucose) xyr1 98788 43.73 cre1-1 23706 498.07 ace1 122363 337.92 ace2 32395 23.7 ace3 98455 81.56 bglR 91236 225.27 hap2 93466 39.57 hap3 24298 71.16 clr-1 68701 11.14 clr-2 76250 3.21 nmrA 121828 21.5 areA 140814 52.95 Encoding FPKM Significant genes of TFs (lignocellulose) xyr1 42.93 No cre1-1 802.49 No ace1 200.20 No ace2 21.07 No ace3 137.33 No bglR 128.07 No hap2 21.40 No hap3 75.36 No clr-1 9.83 No clr-2 2.80 No nmrA 27.85 No areA 36.58 No FIGURE 2: Significant examples of functional categories of genes differentially expressed under the lignocellulose condition.
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