BGLSBisexual and Gay and Lesbian Students
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The CCEE leaves were able to lower the BGLs of ICR mice at doses of 400 and 800 mg/kg of body weight.
Background: Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that is usually associated with abnormalities in the metabolism of different substrates leading to high blood glucose levels (BGL).
Other than ketone testing, none of the SCI adherence behaviours indicated a shared relationship for both BGL and PAID score.
Moreover, in all patients fasting BGLs and HbA1c were obtained.
Furthermore, a significant association between preprocedural BGLs (hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia) and PMI was observed in patients undergoing elective PCI [5].
The mean net change for BGL showed a wide variation within individual studies compared with blood cholesterol levels ranging from -10.33 to 0.21 mmol/L, with an overall pooled estimate for the fixed effect model at -2.48 mmol/L (95% CI -2.59 to -2.37, P < 0.0001).
guajava fruit peel extract on blood glucose level (BGL) of normal and streptozotocin-induced sub-diabetic rats during fasting blood glucose (FBG) and glucose tolerance test (GTT).
The current pregnancy had been conceived when Karen's blood glucose levels (BGL) had been out of control.
The measurement of BGL in the 6th week of experimental procedure revealed higher values in the S group than in C group (p=0.029), mainly due to the values of the saccharin treated female subgroup (Table 4).
Although some former (BGL) union leaders have been elected to works council positions, most of the new works councillors are former low-to-middle-level union officials or new faces.