BGMKBuffalo Green Monkey Kidney
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To further confirm the absence of viral replication or accumulation within the cells, a sample of cells at day 7 was obtained from the BGMK cell line and subjected to ISH with TSV-specific gene probes.
BGMK cells were the only cell type in common between our study and that of Audelo-del-Valle et al (1), who also used RD and Hep-2 however, BGMK, FRhK-4, and MA-104 cells were selected for use in our study because these cell types have a marked susceptibility to infection by members of Picornaviridae (28), which makes them as adequate as RD or Hep-2 cells for determining the possible infectivity of TSV to primate cells.
The lack of CPE in any of the three different cell lines tested, the negative ISH results with TSV specific gene probes assay of TSV challenged BGMK cells, and multi-log reduction in TSV number in the cell-culture media as determined by real time RT-PCR indicate that TSV did not replicate in the primate cell lines used in our study.
Mean TSV quantification in tissue cell culture media (a,b) Mean viral quantification (viral copies/ [micro]L) postexposure Cell type Source of inoculum Inoculum type Day 0 BGMK Hemolymph TSV-infected 2.