BGMVBean Golden Mosaic Virus
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Resultados obtenidos por Morales y Niessen (1988) en condiciones de invernadero demostraron la existencia de diferentes mecanismos de resistencia al BGYMV y al BGMV y a otros begomovirus del frijol en diferentes materiales de America Latina.
The Bgm-1 allele for resistance to BGMV from the Durango race was transferred into large-seeded red mottled Andean bean (Beaver and Steadman, 1999) and into snap bean (McMillan et al.
1999), anthracnose (Hubbeling, 1957), ascochyta blight (Schmit and Baudoin, 1992), BGMV (Beebe and Pastor-Corrales, 1991; CIAT, 1986; Singh et al.
1998b), BGMV (Miklas and Santiago, 1996), bruchids (CIAT, 1995, 1996; Dobie et al.
Pyramiding favorable alleles for specific traits has been used in the following situations: (i) for leafhopper resistance from within a given cultivated race of common bean, (ii) for seed yield and BCMV and drought resistance from among races within a primary gene pool, (iii) for anthracnose, rust, and BGMV resistance from across the two cultivated primary gene pools within P.
1998), controlling resistance to leaf chlorosis caused by BGMV exist.
Abbreviations: BGMV, bean golden mosaic virus; bp, base pair; CBB, common bacterial blight; cM, centimorgan; DAP, days after planting; DTF, days to flower; FSP, Fusarium solani f.
phaseoli (Smith) Dye], and BGMV resistant line A 429.
Royal Red carries the I gene for BCMV resistance and resists pod deformation caused by BGMV but is susceptible to leaf chlorosis (1).
6] families, parents, and checks were then evaluated in separate inoculated nurseries for reaction to ALS, BCMV, BGMV, and CBB.
Dry bean lines GMR 1 and GMR 5 were highly resistant in greenhouse inoculations to infection, plant dwarfing, leaf chlorosis, and pod deformation caused by BGMV.
When inoculated in the greenhouse, both lines are also resistant to infection, plant dwarfing, leaf chlorosis, and pod deformation caused by BGMV.