BGMVBean Golden Mosaic Virus
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In addition, this cultivar exhibited the highest incidence of the BGMV in field conditions (Silva 2012).
A diferencia del BGMV, el BGYMV (sigla del nombre del virus en ingles Bean golden yellow mosaic virus) puede transmitirse por inoculacion mecanica (Morales 2000a).
Al igual que el BGMV, los sintomas se manifiestan por una marcada deformacion de las hojas, muchas de las cuales pueden ocasionalmente volverse completamente amarillas o casi descoloridas (Fig.
Resistance to BGMV can be expressed as percent infection, plant dwarfing, leaf chlorosis, and pod deformation (Morales and Nissen, 1988).
The Bgm-1 allele for resistance to BGMV from the Durango race was transferred into large-seeded red mottled Andean bean (Beaver and Steadman, 1999) and into snap bean (McMillan et al., 1998).
Abbreviations: BGMV, bean golden mosaic virus; bp, base pair; CBB, common bacterial blight; cM, centimorgan; DAP, days after planting; DTF, days to flower; FSP, Fusarium solani f.
phaseoli (Smith) Dye], and BGMV resistant line A 429.
Royal Red carries the I gene for BCMV resistance and resists pod deformation caused by BGMV but is susceptible to leaf chlorosis (1).
Those found resistant or segregating for all three diseases and leafhopper were then evaluated in the [F.sub.4] for resistance to BGMV in the greenhouse at CIAT-Palmira, Colombia.
DOR483 is a bean golden mosaic (BGMV) resistant small red breeding line from CIAT.
DOR482 is the CIAT identification of the bean golden mosaic (BGMV) resistant small red cultivar Don Silvio.
PR9443-4 has resistance to bean golden mosaic (BGMV), rust [caused by Uromyces appendiculatus (Pers.:Pers.) Unger var.