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BGNBulgarian Lev (currency code)
BGNBoard on Geographic Names
BGNBusch Grand National (NASCAR division)
BGNBackground Noise
BGNBetriebsgewöhnliche Nutzungsdauer (German: average useful life)
BGNBridge Group Name (Cisco)
BGNBFT (Blue Force Tracking) Global Network (US DoD)
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According to Ciena vice-president and general manager for EMEA Keri Gilder the BGN will position Bahrain as a regional leader and innovator in telecoms services.
BGN said the declassified papers also revealed several nations were preparing to recognise the 'TRNC', which caused concern in Britain.
The continuous flow of ideas and innovations from BGU's faculty and students provides BGN with a gold mine of new business opportunities," said Horovitz.
In addition to this RFID Breakthrough Award, BGN was recently recognized in the Netherlands with the Torex Retail ICT Award and by InfoWorld magazine as one of the 100 most significant IT projects of 2006 in IDG's InfoWorld 100 Awards.
The Progress Apama ESP platform provides BGN with RFID event processing services that capture and analyze - in real-time - inbound RFID data gathered by the store at book delivery, associating that information with data provided by the distributor in electronic Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs).
Tenders are invited for Periodic delivery of gasoline A-95 H, A-98 H, Diesel and LPG to the fleet of the Regional Directorate of Forests - Rousse for a total value of the deliveries for 2017 at the rate of 65 000 / sixty five thousand / BGN without VAT and 78 000 / seventy-eight thousand / BGN with VAT, incl.
The worldwide exclusive license agreement was signed with Ben-Gurion University through its business company BGN Technologies.
Batelco Chief Global Business Officer Adel Al-Daylami noted, The BGN is a reliable alternative to more vulnerable submarine cables, all with scalable capacity and the shortest inter-Gulf latency.
46 million BGN were funds from the state budget, 8 610.
is a Canadian publicly traded company, trading under the symbol: BGN on the TSX Venture Exchange.
Complementing traditional services such as T1, T3, Frame Relay, and ISDN, BGN currently offers the largest footprint of any single provider in the state implementing the latest access technology, Broadband access via its BlueSpeed DSL.