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BGOVBis-Glycinato Oxo Vanadium (metal)
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But because the analysis stayed behind the BGOV paywall, it never became part of the broader Washington conversation about Obamacare, and public advocates of the law were unprepared when the case was, in fact, taken up by the Court.
When BGOV first came on the scene, it was putting out long, data-rich reports on key policy issues.
Bgov has also produced the Agency Contractor Directory, containing proprietary analysis and studies by agency.
The ability to download data into Excel is another Bgov value-add.
In Bloomberg's case, BGov represented a $100 million test of whether the news and data giant could apply its financial acumen to a new sector.
BGov head Don Baptiste, like others selling rival services, wouldn't disclose the number of subs sold, but said the company is "meeting expectations." He said BGov was hiring elsewhere to add new tools and features in the year ahead (of note, the company said the layoffs weren't related to the BNA acquisition).
Scaling BCEN and BGOV both at 1 rather than at Traxler's 12 and 1 seems appropriate.
As noted above, these were the Accord years, and although the latter period may be characterised as managed decentralisation, both BCEN and BGOV are properly scaled at 1 .Traxler's classifications for 1991-93 and 1994-96, however, are inappropriate.
A central premise of BGOV is that there is a need in Washington and across corporate America for indepth information about the intersection of business and government.
A Laser-Like Mission: BGOV is all about the business impact of government actions, which fosters a sharp focus and a reassuring clarity.
Bloomberg editors would not disclose how many people have subscribed to BGov so far, except to say that the number is in the thousands.
The mission, says BGov reporter Alex Wayne, is clear and consistent with that of the rest of Bloomberg: "They say they want to beat everybody and they want to own the market for policy news and analysis," he says.