BGP-4Border Gateway Protocol 4 (RFC 1771)
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Support for BGP-4 is an integral part of our overall commitment to provide the widest range of protocol support in the internetworking industry," said William Donovan, director of internetworking product marketing, "BGP-4 support is another important step in the drive toward continuing interoperability.
BGP-4 provides users with a comprehensive addressing scheme for users of Internet backbones and regional networks, as well as large commercial networks.
The FASTPATH integrated source code modules include Switching, Routing, Quality of Service, CLI and Web Management, Multicast and BGP-4.
FASTPATH BGP-4 - The BGP-4 module serves as an External
Agilent RouterTester can be used to emulate a variety of traffic encapsulations including IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, PPP, a complete spectrum of unicast and multicast routing stacks including BGP-4, OSPF, IS-IS, and MPLS signaling protocols including BGP-4, OSPF, IS-IS, Layer-2 and Layer-3 VPNs.
Optixia offers unprecedented port density and enables verification of sophisticated networking protocols such as BGP-4, MPLS RSVP-TE, OSPF, IS-IS, and RIP, as well as hardware assisted Layer 4-7 application stressing of content aware routers.
Featuring Test Cases for MPLS RSVP-TE, MPLS CR-LDP, BGP-4, OSPF and
Spirent Communications(TM), a wholly owned business group of Spirent plc (NYSE: SPM), today announced expansion of its Adtech Routing Conformance Test Suites, which now include support for BGP-4, OSPF and IS-IS routing protocols, in addition to support for the MPLS standard.
PE router implementations can be tested using OSPF, BGP-4, MPIBGP, IS-IS, RSVP-TE, LDP and CR-LDP.
In addition, IP Infusion is also integrating its IPv4 routing modules for OSPFv2, BGP-4, and RIP onto the IPNET and OSE environment.
MBGP is based on RFC 2283, Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP-4.