BGQBrazilian Guitar Quartet
BGQBarrios Guitar Quartet (Germany)
BGQBlackwood Gospel Quartet (Tennessee)
BGQBaltic Guitar Quartet (Lithuania)
BGQBrown-Gersten-Quillen (algebraic geometry)
BGQBohemian Guitar Quartet (est. 2000)
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For the BGQ identification, the variance-only model with 3 states is favored by the data.
Figure 4 displays the posterior probability of each regime for the 3-state variance-only model with the BGQ identification.
There are three regimes under the BGQ identification.
Similar results hold for the shock variances in the 3-state variance-only model with the BGQ identification.
Figure 7 displays the impulse responses for the BGQ identification.
BGQ. In order to write the BGQ in the notation of section II.2 we let X(x) be equal to (5) and consider the following set of [Q.sub.j]:
NaOH has the highest negative effect on the BGQ. [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] has confidence level equal to 69.76%, which could be considered as effective positively in the BGQ.
The fitting multiple linear regression model describes the relationship between BGs quality (BGQ) and five independent variables.
The R-squared statistic shows that the model as fitted explains 79.9685% of the variability in BGQ. The adjusted R-squared statistic is 63.2757%.
The BGQ was determined by the aid of each of the light and electronic microscope.