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I might be wrong, but was not Lord Lipsey being paid as head of the BGRB to act in the best interest of the sport and to do his best to protect those people employed in greyhound racing?
To book tickets for the black tie affair, call the BGRB on 020 7808 7021 or email
We will be writing to all Walthamstow trainers ahead of the closure to confirm the support available, although the BGRB has spoken to many of the trainers already and to Kelly's mother, Linda.
Clemenson, currently GTA secretary, said yesterday that he is "undecided" whether to stand in the forthcoming election for GTA chairman which has been called following the ousting of Jim Reynolds from that position, but accepted the BGRB role as he was the only Trainers' committee member prepared to do so.
"Currently there are about 50 kennelhands across the country working towards the various NVQs and I fully expect to be able to acknowledge the achievements of others in the next few weeks and months," said David Parker, the BGRB training co-ordinator.
What he has said completely contradicts all that the BGRB chairman Lord Lipsey has said in past correspondence with me.
The Kinsley promoter said: "Trainers may not be speaking with one voice at the moment, but they are not, as has been suggested, without a voice in BGRB matters.
The next stage is the formation of a 'Transition Committee' to oversee the formation of GBGB which is due to take over the dual responsibilities of the BGRB and NGRC by the end of the year, and to incorporate the British Greyhound Racing Fund at a later date when it is judged to have been successful.
However, the BGRB last week specifically endorsed the structure of GBGB rather than all the recommendations, and such concerns are thought unlikely to delay the NGRC in committing to the process; indeed, they could join the promoters and BGRB in appointing a person to serve on the so - called Transition Committee.
BGRB welfare officer Peter Laurie explained: "We are conscious of the fact that the sport could benefit from a greater number of veterinary surgeons across the country with a detailed knowledge of greyhounds, and the injuries and ailments that may affect them.
"The BGRB board was unable to accept Tony Meek's nomination as GTA representative at the last meeting, so the position has not changed really," said the BGRB's Peter Laurie yesterday.
"If what is happening at the BGRB now is an example of what is going to happen with the Donoughue report then I shudder to think at the outcome."