BGTDBiologics and Genetic Therapies Directorate
BGTDBangalore Telecom District (India)
BGTDBoom Goes the Dynamite (band)
BGTDBand Guitar Tablature Directory (resource)
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A side benefit to this approach was the evolution of improved communications between the various levels of BGTD.
While processes were in place when the BGTD started this initiative, the overall picture of how the processes interacted was not fully understood, which resulted in various divisions functioning more or less independently and with lowered effectiveness and efficiency in delivering the services of BGTD.
From the process maps, BGTD identified a number of issues that needed further clarification or improvement, such as the following: a) interactions between divisions within the process and the consequences of a breakdown in these interactions, b) clarification of roles and responsibilities for each activity and position to avoid overlap or duplication of work, c) increased consistency in how work was done, d) identification of records that needed to be generated and retained (forms, templates, supporting documentation), and e) the need for better training of employees in their activities.
Addressing these issues benefited management, employees, and BGTD as a whole.
The BGTD benefited from application of the continual improvement activities and analysis of the resulting information in several ways.
Prior to implementing the QMS, BGTD employees were aware of activities directly related to their work but were less aware of how their activities impacted on the rest of the process.
As a regulatory agency, the BGTD does not have customers in the usual business sense.
With the implementation of the QMS, BGTD increased emphasis on customer feedback by identifying the forms of feedback present in the organization and making efforts to monitor and analyze these feedbacks.
With the QMS requirements that processes be monitored and evaluated, BGTD instituted mechanisms to gather and analyze data for critical processes on a regular basis.