BGTWBritish Gibraltar Territorial Waters (UK Royal Navy)
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The SSCV Sleipnir left BGTW yesterday at around 2020hrs bound for Israel.
The Minister with responsibility for the Port and Maritime Affairs, the Hon Minister Gilbert Licudi QC MP was very pleased with the way the operation had been conducted and he hoped that this was the start of more regular LNG bunkering activity within BGTW.
This state led imperative combined with the everyday embodied actions of drinking and washing with water from BGTW demonstrate the ways in which the elemental can permeate geopolitical discourse and lived experience at multiple scales.
En las aguas en torno a Gibraltar, nos encontramos con las British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW), que serian formalmente Mar Territorial britanico, y mas alla Alta Mar, en la zona de levante (3 millas) y en la zona sur del Estrecho (3 millas); y Aguas Interiores, en la zona de poniente, en el interior de la Bahia (1,5 millas), y mas alla Mar Territorial espanol.
(3) Sobre la denominacion British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW), ver Del Valle Galvez, A.-, Gonzalez Garcia, I.
At the same time, and following also the recommendations of the Fishing Working Group, two species have been given total protection from fishing in BGTW, the Small Spotted Catshark Scyliorhinus canicula and the Brown ray Raja miraletus, which will mean that all species of sharks, skates and rays are now given full protection in BGTW.
The reality is that the merchant vessels were in BGTW when they were instructed to move.
The three new recruits are now fully qualified to keep watch in the VTS operations room and join their other colleagues maintaining the 24-hour coverage of BGTW, ensuring the navigational safety of vessel movements in and around the Port of Gibraltar.
The Environmental Protection and Research Unit within the Department of the Environment and Climate Change (DECC) has over the past three weeks being carrying out operations targeting illegal spearfishing activities in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW).
Environmental Protection Officers from the DECC will be continuing with the operation over the coming weeks as part of the wider strategy to curb illegal fisheries in BGTW.
Government reiterates the answer given to press questions on 19 August that the Ministry for the Environment is working with GONHS and other relevant agencies to investigate ongoing incidents with the aim of stopping all illegal fishing in BGTW. The agencies include the Fishing Working Group, which was set up last year to advise on and discuss all matters relating to fishing and marine conservation and on which all stakeholders are represented.
William Hague has updated Parliament on UK action regarding unacceptable Spanish/Gibraltar boarder delays and illegal incursions into BGTW.