BGWLBermuda Grass White Leaf (disease)
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BLAST and sequence analysis conducted on seven 16S- primed PCR products, revealed that the phytoplasma from Turkish Bermuda grass is nearly identical to isolates of the BGWL agent of group 16SrXIV (Candidatus Phytoplasma cynodontis) whose 16SrDNA sequences are available in GenBank database (accession No.
The phylogenetic tree constructed with 16SrDNA sequences of the BGWL-phytoplasma from Turkey, together with members of 16SrXIV-related group, confirmed the RFLP results, hence placed all the BGWL Turkish isolates in one sub-clade, closely related to one containing strains from Iran (BGWL-Fir) and Italia (BGWL-C1, C2, CA), but far from other BGWL-related agents.
Nonetheless, this is the first report of BGWL phytoplasma in Turkey; and its presence represents a potential threat for C.