BH2Breath hydrogen excretion
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In the case of the backhand strokes, it was demonstrated that the maximal angular velocity during shoulder joint abduction (VmaxRShAA) was correlated with VRmax and VRcont in all tests, with the strongest correlation being BH2 with respect to VRmax and BH1 with respect to VRcont (Tab.
BH2, a monoclonal antibody that can recognize [(B27-HC).sub.2], was used in our early study [16, 34].
However, the content of S[O.sub.4.sup.2-] is more than 3000 mg/L in BH2, which indicates that even sulphate resistant cement could get degradation.
Furthermore, we measured the ratio of reduced tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) to its oxidized form (BH2) as marker of systemic oxidative stress in the circulation.
The [x.sup.2]-test performed to examine the HWE, revealed that the three loci in DH, MB, EM, BH1, and BH2 chickens, but not HB, were in HWE (p>0.05), and the PIC ranged from 0.2471 to 0.3736 (Table 3).
When BH4 interacts with L-arginine, it turns into BH2. With the help of the DHFR enzyme, folate, folinic acid and SAMe, BH2 is then converted back into BH4.
El aumento del estres oxidativo dentro de la celula endotelial favorece que BH4 se oxide a BH2, quien carece de actividad como cofactor pero compite con BH4 por el dominio de oxigenasa de eNOS, esto interfiere con la actividad de la enzima, reduce la produccion de ON y genera disfuncion endotelial (Figura 1).
However, in the real-time PCR only, six fragments (BH2, BH4, BH10.19, BH17, BH18.34, and BH18.36) were successfully amplified.
Sauna therapy acts to raise the biosynthesis of BH4 by raising the levels of GPCH, but that much of this BH4 can be subsequently oxidized to BH2 and biopterin, showing that there is still a lot of oxidative stress going on in these patients following sauna therapy.
The Body Mass Index (BMI) was calculated as the rate between the Body Weight value and Body Surface BW/BS, where BS = BH2, or BMI = BW/BH2.