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VVINTEGRITY The drugs cases involving Godolphin and Sungate were two of the most difficult moments of Bittar's time in charge at the BHA and resulted in a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of anabolic steroids and stringent new rules due to come in at the start of next year.
The BHA said there would be a 'targeted' removal of around 70 allweather races from January to March and a limit of on average 6.
The thorny issue of Saturdays like July 11 next year, when July Cup day at Newmarket competes with Ascot, Chester and York, has yet to be addressed, but the BHA has said that will be tackled.
BHA director of racing Ruth Quinn said: "Consultation regarding the 2015 fixture list remains ongoing, in particular in relation to the mechanism for the allocation of BHA fixtures.
Moreover, should we discover evidence that a trainer is attempting to use any substance in a manner that intends to induce a performance-enhancing effect on a horse then the BHA would take action against this.
The rush by the shooting public to stock up on handloading components during the Obama years challenged BHA and other manufacturers.
In December 2014, the Professional Jockeys Association had told the BHA it was "entirely improper" that the authority should be a client of a panel member.
The X-ray diffractograms of BHA composites sintered at 1000, 1100, 1200, and 1300[degrees]C are shown in Figure 1.
Paul Bittar, chief executive of the BHA, said: "We are pleased that a total of 39 racecourses have now signed Prize Money Agreements.
Paul Bittar, chief executive of BHA, said: "The BHA Board agreed to delay signing off on the full fixture list in order to allow further racecourses time to reach prize money agreements with the Horsemen's Group and BHA.
Adam Brickell, director of integrity, legal and risk for the BHA, said in the Sportinglife: "We have informed Saeed Bin Surour and Godolphin that the BHA will not be re-licensing the yard until the test results are known for all the Godolphin owned horses stabled in Newmarket.
BHA media manager Robin Mounsey said: "The charges being brought by the BHA against Michael Chopra are serious and relate to conspiring with other persons to commit a corrupt or fraudulent practice and offering bribes to a licensed person.