BHACButetown History & Arts Centre (est. 1987; Cardiff Bay, UK)
BHACBeacon Hill Athletic Clubs (gym club chain; Massachusetts)
BHACBonner Historia-Augusta Colloquium
BHACBayern High Adventure Camp (Garmsich, Germany)
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Surface tension of aqueous BHAC solution was measured by a Du Nuoy ring tensiometer at 25C.
The inhibition efficiency (IE) of BHAC was investigated in the concentration range 10 to 200 mg/L in 1 M HCl, and the changes of IE (%) with the inhibitor concentration are summarized in Table 1.
Table-1: The inhibition efficiency of BHAC measured by weight loss.
Uber die Inventio in den Reden und Schriftstucken in der Historia Augusta, BHAC 1984/1985, 157-174.
Uwic has built up a strong relationship with BHAC over the past three years.
A spokesman for BHAC said, 'Welsh people are also unaware about a strong link between the two nations.