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BHAFBig Honkin' Air Filter (truck part slang)
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To join the program, the sponsor should register at the BHAF home page, accessible via DOT's web sitehttp://tourism.
Journalist Seong Heiu-pyeon said he already asked his Filipino friends to register him as a BHAF invitee.
The BHAF program is open to Filipinos of legal age and Filipinos with dual citizenship living in the Philippines or abroad as residents or overseas contract workers.
Registration may also be accomplished at BHAF booths soon to be set up at selected international airports in the Philippines.
DOT-6 Regional Director Helen Catalbas said that the launching of BHAF program and DOT-6 Branding Campaign on Nov.
It can be recalled that the BHAF program had a grand relaunch in Manila last month.
Tourism Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo encouraged them to take part in tourism promotions, particularly as BHAF sponsors, to create greater interest in and travel to the Philippines.
The event saw members of the Filipino-American Community including second generation Filipino-Americans, the travel sector, media, and influencers grace the occasion during which the official BHAF campaign video featuring popular Filipino actor Piolo Pascual was shown for the first time in the US Northeast.
Pascual was also tapped to sing the official BHAF theme song, which was played during the festivities.