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BHAFBig Honkin' Air Filter (truck part slang)
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The BHAF is a program that promotes local tourism through Filipinos and foreigners staying in the Philippines (sponsors) to invite friends overseas (invitee) to visit the country.
BHAF 'sponsors' to create greater interest in and encourage more foreigners to travel to the Philippines.
Teo decided to revive the BHAF program implemented in 1994 by DOT under former Secretary Mina Gabor to encourage Filipinos to invite their foreign friends to come and visit the Philippines.
Employees of DOT and its attached agencies and their relatives to the third degree are not allowed to join BHAF.
1 Megan Osborne (Lwt) 8:35; 2 Talia Price (CorC) 8:59; 3 Lucy Tarrent (Lwt) 9:03; 4 Rachel Bevan (CHS) 9:04; 5 Katie Munro (Cow) 9:25; 6 Bethan Yapp (BroM) 9:26; 7 Sara Doust (Stan) 9:27; 8 Georgia Morgan (BoL) 9:35; 9 Amy Lane (CHS) 9:38; 10 Amy Price (Lwt) 9:39; 11 Catrin Cosier (Bhaf) 9:40; 12 Olivia Parry (Bhaf) 9:45; 13 Megan Rowley (Lwt) 9:46; 14 Rebecca Foley (Whit) 9:48; 15 Sam Barker (Rad) 9:49.
Liquidity reserve amount provided by BHAF as of 31 December 2017
In a bid to get President Duterte to approve the hosting of the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2018, the Miss Universe Organization has offered to help promote the Philippines and its BHAF program, by sending its titleholders on a Philippine road show, according to DOT sources.
Around 250 OFWs gathered during the launch of the DOT's Bring Home a Friend (BHAF) campaign in Seoul, South Korea on Sunday.
This was revealed by the Department of Tourism (DOT) during the formal unveiling of 'Bring Home A Friend' (BHAF), the agency's newest program aimed at boosting foreign tourist arrivals in the country.