BHBSBlood Has Been Shed (band)
BHBSBristol Hospital Broadcasting Service (UK)
BHBSBayrischer Heim Brau Service (German: Bavarian Home Brewing Service)
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History and Context of Rural Georgia: The BHBS study takes place in middle and southern Georgia in thirteen counties in Phase One and three (3) counties in Phase Three.
Savill and Bartlett have agreed to meet again soon, by which time the BHB is expected to have initiated the process which will lead to
In this study we used 2 mol of BD with 1 mol of SA, the rate equation (1) and reaction mechanism (a) of BHBS is shown in a simplified form.
n SA + 2n BD [right arrow] n BHBS + 2n [H.sub.2]O, when M [greater than] 2 (b)
It can be seen that the n of BHBS and the 2n of water are formed by polyesterification of n acid and 2n glycol in the reaction model (b).
With help from the International League for the Protection of Horses, the BHB discovered that for the vast majority of the 4,000 horses that leave racing each year, a useful second career is found.