BHCPBaldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza (mall; Los Angeles, CA)
BHCPBehavioral HealthCare Program (Portland, ME)
BHCPBasset Hound Club of Portland (Portland, OR)
BHCPBusy Hour Call Attempts (telecommunications)
BHCPBiosynthetic Human C-Peptide (insulin research)
BHCPBottom Hole Circulating Pressure
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Such BHCP rarely seem to understand the cluster of reasons that may pull patients away from clinics and tend to base their understanding of patients' actions only around clinical indicators and measurements made in the clinic setting.
AIDS: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome BHCP: Biomedical health care providers HIV: Human immunodeficiency virus ICCM: Innovative care for chronic conditions TH: Traditional healers TM: Traditional medicine WHO: World Health Organisation.
In a practical application of MFS to solve the BHCP, the source points are uniformly located on two vertical straight lines parallel to the f-axis, not over the final time, which was adopted by Hon and Li [42] and Liu [43], showing a large improvement than the line location of source points below the initial time.
Since the BHCP is highly ill-posed, the ill-condition of the coefficient matrix B in (93) is serious.
Under the same parameters we also apply the BBM and GMRES with m = 10 to solve the BHCP, of which both algorithms cannot converge to satisfy the convergence criterion with [epsilon] = [10.sup.-5], and we let BBM run 100 steps and the GMRES run 30 steps with the residuals being shown in Figure 5(a).