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Briefly, patient records were eligible for inclusion if the patient was formally admitted to a BHCS acute care hospital between January 2007 and December 2011, had a length of stay [greater than or equal to] 3 days, and was [greater than or equal to] 18 years of age, and the record was closed and completed.
Confirmatory review of each AE report, based on the narrative description of the AE rather than an independent review of the record, was conducted by members of the BHCS Office of Patient Safety, including the GTT project manager, senior nurses with leadership responsibilities in Patient Safety, and, when needed, a physician consultant.
By matching medical record and account numbers, we determined what percentage of patient encounters identified by the GTT as having a hospital-acquired AE also appeared in the electronic voluntary incident-reporting system, used throughout BHCS for frontline staff to report AEs or near misses, or produced a positive AHRQ Patient Safety Indicator (PSI) flag, based on the March 2012 version of the AHRQ PSI software (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2012), on review of administrative data.
BHCS is composed of 20 health care professionals: a director, two physicians, a dentist, a psychiatrist, four quality improvement nurses, an infection control nurse, a medical records specialist, two information technology staff, a contract monitor, a registered dietician, two food service managers and three administrative support staff.
The former occur annually and are based on compliance with BHCS policies and American Correctional Association standards; the latter occur in response to need or problems and are structured on nationally accepted practice criteria.
The reports are submitted to BHCS staff for review at their weekly quality improvement meeting.
TABLE 4 Bivariate Comparison of Loan Quality Size Sample Public BHCS, Private BHCs, Wilcoxon Z Class Period Mean (Median) Mean (Median) (p-Value) 1 1986-2001 1.
The combination of Metro and Cold Fusion allowed BHCS to develop an application that provided them with a coordinated online business process that facilitated contract review and provided easy access and management of their discussion database and contract data stored in Microsoft SQL Server.
By shortening the cycle times previously required to have each of the eight hospitals review these contracts, BHCS is able to execute volume discounts sooner.
This first Metro application is expected to save BHCS $120,000 in its first year of operation.
BHCS is also a participating member of the Voluntary Hospitals of America (VHA) group.
The BHCS will then determine if the appropriate facilitator to complete the delivery process is Baxter or one of the Bergen Brunswig companies: Bergen Brunswig Drug Company, Alternate Site Distributors or Durr Medical.