BHEFBusiness Higher Education Forum
BHEFBeverly Hills Education Foundation (Beverly Hills, CA)
BHEFBaltistan Health and Education Foundation (est. 1989; Pakistan)
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In 2015, BGT prepared a follow-on report for the BHEF that identified skill sets for Data Analytics jobs.
Much of the Phase II rationale (design of specific courses in the curriculum) is explained in the "Innovation Process Model" section that immediately follows; however, the guiding principles of this phase are driven by collective design based on discussions among industry players, BHEF members, and our academic staff.
so it made sense for the BHEF to seek a partnership from many perspectives.
After an initial meeting in October 2014, the College partnered with the BHEF and agreed to host an industry finance conference in March 2015.
The March 2015 BHEF Conference that included investment banks, accounting firms, book publishers, tech companies, the Federal Reserve, and banks confirmed that the College was on the right track but also highlighted areas in need of development.
Our initial task was focused on the creation of courses and the associated major programs within our school; however, the BHEF encouraged us take a more holistic approach.
The BHEF raised several questions that stimulated our thinking of what was possible and how the school could build upon the majors/tracks and repurpose the knowledge accumulated during the creation process.
Response: Yes, industry players are in the process of identifying such internship opportunities and should report back at the next BHEF meeting on this topic.
The BHEF encouraged us to introduce data analytics throughout our university to first year students who have not had calculus, statistics, or CIS.
Following a series of panel presentations, BHEF members specifically examined the important issues of sustaining, legitimating, and using American power.
The BHEF plan recognizes that a P-12 education system cannot improve itself by itself.
A companion toolkit, "Handbook for a Commitment to America's Future," is also available, in which the BHEF provides business, higher education, and policy leaders with background information and proposed procedures for structuring and guiding implementation of the proposed plan.