BHEIBoston Health Economics, Inc. (est. 1996; Waltham, MA)
BHEIBroken Hill Exploration Initiative (Australia; mineral and petroleum exploration)
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This may be explained by the ease of nuclei formation, resulting from hererogeneous BHEI units in the PETI copolymer.
1/2]) increased with increasing BHEI units at a specified crystallization temperature, as shown in Fig.
From Table 4, the Avrami exponent (n) is seen to increase with BHEI content in the copolymer ([less than or equal to] 6 mol% of BHEI) and with the crystallization temperature, indicating the formation of stable crystallites.
The K values decreased with increasing BHEI content, reflecting the effect of stiffer imide units.
This may be due to insufficient crystallization time for the PETI-6 sample with higher BHEI content.