BHESBedford Hills Elementary School (Bedford Hills, New York)
BHESBayview Hill Elementary School (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)
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Figure 8 shows the results of the simulations related to a 18 x 2 borefield, where the 36 BHEs are spaced 5 m (16.4 ft) apart and are 100 m (328 ft) deep.
(2002) proposed an algorithm to analyze the thermal performances of BHEs, based on the analytical solution for a cylindrical heat source in an infinite region.
This critical survey may provide important guidelines in the interpretation of TRT data and may be a useful tool facilitating the design of BHEs with respect to the energy analysis of GCHPs.
"Kala Meda Bhes" is a play about the search for water in south Punjab and the colourful Cholistani culture, presented in a folk style.
The BTES field comprising 154 BHEs is integrated into the heating and cooling system of the building.
The Panchyat era-slogan "one language, one form of dress, one country (Ek Bhasa, Ek Bhes, Ek des) reflect the state's effort to create cultural uniformity" (p.31).
Alfa Laval has developed a complete range of AlfaChill (AC) Brazed Heat Exchangers (BHEs) specifically for a wide range of duties in the refrigeration and HVAC sectors, including as condensers and evaporators in the burgeoning market for heat pumps.
Ajoka has been a part of the struggle for a secular, democratic just, humane and egalitarian Pakistan.This festival showcased the selected plays of the Ajoka Theatre that are relevant to the society in terms of entertainment, education and positive aspects of the society, Director General, PNCA, Naeem Tahir told reporter These selected plays included Chaak Chakkar, Hotel Moinjodaro, Toba Tek Singh: Sheher-e-Afsos, Kala Menda Bhes, Bala King and Bulha.
The first two hours comprised of a documentary show on her life and works, followed by brief lectures on the various facets of her personality, and in the last two hours, her popular play, "Kaala Medha Bhes", was presented at the Bukhari Auditorium of the university.
Later, Gauhar's play 'Kala Meda Bhes' was performed at the Bukhari Auditorium.
After the speeches, a landmark Seraiki play Kala Meda Bhes was performed in the historic Bukhari Auditorium.