BHICBald Head Island Conservancy (est. 1983; North Carolina)
BHICBritish Horse Industry Confederation (UK)
BHICBrabants Historisch Informatie Centrum (North Brabant, The Netherlands)
BHICBen Harper and the Innocent Criminals (band)
BHICBoustead Heavy Industries Corporation Berhad (Malaysian investment holding company)
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BHIC satisfied devotees in the crowd with a version of their hit "Steal my Kisses," from 2001's "Live From Mars."
Following the merger of MHPS Engineering and BHIC, companies that both handle industrial thermal power generation systems, MHPS Engineering will continue as the surviving company.
Digital agency Underwired has redesigned the website of the British Horse Industry Confederation (BHIC), an umbrella body comprising four equine organisations.
Coward said yesterday: "The BHIC has already proved that by working together to provide a strong, united voice to government, we can achieve so much more than by lobbying alone, and that by discussing and sharing information we can provide a better service to our members and member bodies."
According to BHIC, BHICAS is in receipt of a letter of acceptance from the government to provide integrated maintenance and logistic support services for three units of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Dauphin AS365N3 helicopters.
Ricketts' place as BHB-appointed director of BHIC is being taken by Annie Dodd, associate director for industry liaison.
BHIC stated the contract will contribute positively to the earnings of the group for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2016 and to future earnings.
In a statement , BHIC its subsidiary BHIC Aeroservices Sdn Bhd has received a letter of acceptance dated Sept from the government.
Tristram Ricketts, chairman of BHIC, said: "We are delighted to be working closely with DEFRA in building a long-term strategy for the horse industry in this country, to which the Minister and Official for the Horse [Graham Cory], and their team, have already shown commitment.
The project includes the supply and installation of mobile shelving in the National Archives (NA) and the Brabant Historical Information Centre (BHIC) in various depots.
The BHIC is looking for the study to form the basis of Government strategy in which the horse industry contributes to a range of policy objectives.
In the letter, BHIC chairman Michael Clayton expresses his disappointment over a remark during a House of Lords debate on betting that, in Lord Bassam's words, "We don't have any plans currently to appoint a minister for the horse industry."