BHIFBetter Highways Information Foundation
BHIFBehavioral Health Inpatient Facility (psychiatry)
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Muchos fondos chilenos optaron por las inversiones norteamericanas, pero BBVA BHIF Bonos Internacionales se quedo con America Latina y vencio al mercado local, con un rendimiento del 8% en los 12 meses concluidos el 30 de septiembre de 2001.
Las companias que tienen sus lineas de credito en orden seran las que esten en mejor posicion para la recuperacion," dice Juan Uarac, de BBVA BHIF.
On September 24, 1998, BBV obtained 55 percent control of Banco BHIF through the acquisition of 40,637,415 shares of its stock and through the subscription of 158,034,393 of newly issued shares for a total of Ch$126 billion (US$270 million).
In light of the new ownership, BHIF should now have access to a broader wholesale funding base, a wider range of products and services to offer its customer base and new market segments of local customers that operate regionally.
The reduction in the Bank's administrative expenses was partly counterbalanced by an increase in personnel and administrative expenditures due to the launching of two new subsidiaries over the past 12 months, BHIF Residential Leasing and BHIF Mutual Funds.
BBV), a banking corporation organized in Spain, of which no natural or legal person owns more than a 2%, the rest of the ownership of which is widely distributed, domiciled at Plaza San Nicolas N 4, Bilbao, Spain, has obtained control of BHIF Bank.
The agreement was singed today in Santiago de Chile by the president of BHIF, Jose Said, and the vice-president-chief executive of BBV, Pedro Luis Uriarte.
Banco BHIF began implementing the recommendations drawn from Project Triple E during January 1998.
cl, of Banco BHIF, 562-679-2038, or 562-679 2014, or fax, 562-679 2287; or Jane N.
Ruben Unda, Banco BHIF's Manager of Operation and Technology, said BHIF customers, both individual and corporate, will now be able to make money transfers between accounts and payments to credit card and other accounts, receive information on savings and checking balances, check on the performance of investments and obtain assistance to manage banking emergencies such as loss of documents.
With the launch of BHIF Mutual Fund Manager, the Bank now has subsidiaries participating in all of the financial areas permitted by the Banking Law.
SANTIAGO, Chile, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Banco BHIF (NYSE: BB; BCS: BHIF) reported its second quarter and first half results for the period ended June 30, 1996.