BHKPBleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp (printing and writing paper)
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Hardwood pulp prices (BHKP) have fallen steadily during the fall and were down by 26 percent from June to the early November, according to FOEX.
On top of that, China now has a new 3000 metric ton/day BHKP (bleached hardwood kraft pulp) at Hainan Jinhai (one of the largest single fiberlines in the world), as APP looks to rebalance the region's fiber deficit.
Plus, as one analyst pointed out, BHKP demand has risen by 900,000 metric tons/yr on average over the past five years.
All 8 fiberlines (NBSK, two BHKP, office waste, DIP, ONP, OCC, mixed waste), including the DIP plants, the paper machine, automation, and the winder were delivered by Metso Paper.
BHKP exports grew from 3 million metric tons in 1999 to 4.4 million metric tons in 2003 and are expected to continue growing.
For instance, Europe still dominates as a buyer of BSKP or sulphite pulps, but Asia is already clearly number one in UKP and BHKP.
The use of BHKP in integrated paper production differs from that of market BHKP.
Another end-use sector where BHKP for market pulp is higher than in integrated use is tissue.
Cartonboard use is another area where integrated use of BHKP is higher than the market use.
* In Europe, the use of BHKP in wood-containing publication papers is low.