BHMRBlack Heel Mark Resistance (parquet lacquer properties)
BHMRBusiness and Human Resources Management
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All participants 1) were residents of the BHMR, 2) walked with or without an assistance device, and 3) were being treated at the Rehabilitation Reference Center East Unit of Belo Horizonte.
Table 5--Phase 1 Samples Crosslinker (% Active) 1K Carbodiimide Aziridine Testing U/A Hybrid * 3% and 6% 3% Chemical resistance SXL Urethane * 3% and 6% 3% BHMR & FNMR U+A Blend * 3% and 6% 3%
The BHMR and FNMR data highlights those properties as compared to the SXL Urethane and the U+A Blend (Figures 4 and 5).
Table 7--Phase 3 Samples Crosslinking Testing U/A Hybrid 1K Chemical resistance, FNMR and BHMR at 1, 2, 3 and 7 days U/A Hybrid 2% Carbodiimides (active) U/A Hybrid 2% Aziridine (active) Commercial 2K Aziridine (as supplied)