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BHNBe Here Now (Oasis album)
BHNBlackhawk Network (gift card issuer)
BHNBright House Networks (telecommunications; est. 2003; various locations)
BHNBrinell Hardness Number
BHNBanco Hipotecario Nacional (Spanish: National Mortgage Bank; Panama)
BHNBurba Hotel Network (Costa Mesa, CA)
BHNBasic Human Need
BHNBehavioral Health Network, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
BHNBio Huma Netics, Inc. (Chandler, AZ)
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Mohamad said the government approved the BHN 2019 initiative to replace the 2017 Bantuan Bakti Negara (BBN) and the 2013 Sumbangan Veteran Tidak Berpencen 1Malaysia (SVTB1M).
If you're a bullet caster, make yourself a few from BHN 5 pure lead on up to stick-on wheelweights (BHN 9) in an appropriately large mold.
Brighter Health Network, LLC (BHN), which offers medical diagnostic solutions such as urodynamic testing services, today announced it has acquired Urodynamic Testing Specialists (UTS) for an undisclosed amount.
But nonprofit counseling agencies like Freddie Mac's BHCs and BHN have the operational experience to work with consumers who may need additional assistance, including those with non-traditional income sources, documentation or other challenges.
Casting sections closer to gates and risers may have slower solidification that would lead to larger secondary dendrite arm size and a lower BHN than rapidly cooled areas (with smaller dendrite arm spacing).
Proudest Moment as a Leaden "One of the real high points in my career is when I was chosen to become director of clinical operations at BHN."
So, for an effective hunting load, we're looking for a bullet with a BHN hardness of at least 15 and preferably greater, configured for a gas check.
Nguyen says getting there hasn't been an easy ride for the organization, which first partnered with Blue Care Blue Shield of Arizona on BHN's Medicare Advantage patients and then with Aetna (Hartford, Conn.) to implement the IT necessary for this kind of collaboration to work.
As such, products are available in a variety of increasing hardness, measured on the Brinell Scale from A-R steel (200 BHN) through iron c ast pipe (up to 800 BHN).
On the Brinell Scale of increasing hardness from 200 BHN A-R steel through 800 BHN cast iron, the pipe's inner surface at 600 BHN can withstand most common abrasives and tapers to a 250 BHN outer surface able to accommodate handling, installation and maintenance.
Abrasion Resistant Pipe Exhibits Dual Personality Induction Hardened Steel Pipe is Hard on Inside (600 BHN), Soft on Outside (250 BHN)
22 December 2009 - Italian investment company Yorkville Bhn (BIT: BY) announced it had revised an investment agreement signed in April, which envisaged acquisition of 51% in pharmaceutical group AQ Tech.