BHPABritish Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (governing body for hang gliding and paragliding in the UK)
BHPABlack-Headed Parakeet
BHPABigelow House Preservation Association (Olympia, WA)
BHPAByram Hills Preschool Association (Armonk, NY)
BHPABuffington Harbor Parking Associates, LLC
BHPABritish Herbal Practitioners Association (UK)
BHPABalmoral Hall Parent Association (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
BHPABit Hydraulic Power/Area
BHPABuffalo Homing Pigeon Association
BHPABlair Historical Preservation Alliance (Blair, Nebraska)
BHPABeacon Hill Park Association (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
BHPABedfordshire Health Promotion Agency (UK)
BHPABulgarian Heat Pump Association
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The mean score on the BHPA scale indicated that nontraditional nursing students experienced higher perceived barriers than their traditional counterparts (see Table 2).
T-test analysis was performed to determine whether there were statistically significant differences in HPLP II and BHPA scores for traditional and nontraditional students (see Table 3).
In addition, a significant difference existed between the BHPA scale scores of traditional and nontraditional nursing students, with nontraditional students reporting more perceived barriers to health-promoting behaviors than traditional students.
"One of the casualties dragged himself out of his harnass while his companion was helped out by a passer by.'' A West Mercia Police spokesman said: "An investigation is now being carried out by the BHPA."
En cada uno de los tres niveles altitudinales o bioclimas (BHT, BHPb y BHPa) presentes en este gradiente se seleccionaron 2 sitios y se establecieron 5 o mas parcelas de 0,1ha por bioclima (Tabla I).
De acuerdo a su abundancia y dominancia, las especies arboreas mas importantes en las parcelas bajo BHPa fueron Licania intrapetiolaris (nombre indigena: Warkandek), Sextonia rubra (Pakirayudek) y Micropholis spectabilis (Kaikadek); en las parcelas bajo BHPb, Eschweilera sp.
El porcentaje de emergentes (10%) en las tierras bajas (BHT) supero al de los pisos premontanos (5% en BHPb y 6% en BHPa).
En el sitio PN6 del BHPa se registraron conjuntamente la mayor tasa de crecimiento y la mayor area basal del gradiente.
Dave Wootton, from the BHPA, said: 'These pilots were both qualified with the BHPA.
All Cloudbuster instructors are registered members of the BHPA. For a list of BHPA approved schools, contact them on 0116 261 1322.