BHPSBritish Household Panel Study
BHPSBritish Hedgehog Preservation Society (UK)
BHPSBureau of Health Protection Services (Nevada)
BHPSBalestier Hill Primary School (Singapore)
BHPSBurrillville Historical and Preservation Society (est. 1970; Pascoag, RI)
BHPSBronzeville Historical Preservation Society
BHPSBlack History Positive Steps (UK Intellectual Property Office)
BHPSBlack Hill Primary School (Australia)
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The BHPS is based in the hamlet of Dhustone, near Ludlow, Shropshire.
The BHPS has produced a poster highlighting dangers hedgehogs face in our gardens to mark this Hedgehog Awareness Week.
The between-item validity of the GHQ-12 is high in this sample of the BHPS, with a Cronbach's alpha score of 0.
While the BHPS data do not indicate whether or not respondents are aware of the accessible private facilities in their area, data on their prevalence can be used to indicate the likely impact they have in the decision by individuals to purchase PMI coverage (Propper, Rees, and Green 2001).
Fay Vass, BHPS chief administrative officer, praised McDonald's for taking the matter seriously and said she hoped the new cartons would be in wide use by the spring.
In both the GHS and BHPS the establishment size variable is banded.
The only drawback to this event was that comedian Lee Evans had been booked in to the main theatre after the BHPS had made their booking - and his show was a sell out and ran simultaneously with our little gig.
This study of the BHPS also adds an important dimension to the growing literature within the UK, where evaluation of the returns to lifelong learning has been very much focused on vocationally-oriented programmes (including National Vocational Qualifications or NVQs) and based on analysis of cohorts (Dearden et al.
We had no way of getting him to Alderney because we don't receive any funding but happily FlyBe contacted the BHPS and offered to help.
Fay Vass of the BHPS says the creatures cannot find a way of reversing out from the McFlurries.
Hedgehogs nest in compost heaps and the BHPS is advising gardeners to sift through the heap before they dig a fork in.
BHPS was found to offer excellent data on human capital, particularly on recently acquired technical training and vocational and other education.