BHRABulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association
BHRABritish Hydromechanics Research Association
BHRABrooklyn Historic Railway Association
BHRABasset Hound Rescue of Alabama
BHRABaltic Hot Rod Association
BHRABritish Hot Rod Association
BHRABahamas Hot Rod Association
BHRABeverly Hills Restaurant Association
BHRABurnt Hills Rowing Association (Burnt Hills, NY)
BHRABritish House Rabbit Association
BHRABitterroot Human Rights Alliance
BHRABureau of Health Risk Assessment
BHRABoss Hoss Riders Association
BHRABaseline Health Risk Assessment
BHRABallinclea Heights Residents Association (Ireland)
BHRABritish Hydrodynamics Research Association
BHRABritish Hydraulics Research Association
BHRABoston Human Resources Association
BHRABloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority (Minnesota)
BHRABermuda Human Resources Association
BHRABeverly Hills Recreation Association
BHRABelarusian Human Rights Association
BHRABangladesh Heart Research Association
BHRABill Hielscher Racing Association
BHRABernard Hodes Recruitment Advertising
BHRABasophil Histamine Release Assays
BHRABusiness Human Resource Advisor
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Some studies reported that in patients treated with cyclosporine, a positive BHRA does appear to be a prerequisite for a good clinical response [118].
No ano de 2011 a paisagem da BHRA encontrava-se estruturada pelas classes de Savana (Cerrado) que recobre 52% de sua dimensao territorial, Floresta Aluvial com 8%, Agropecuaria com 39% e as areas ocupadas pelas classes de Agua e Influencia urbana, que corresponderam a 1%, respectivamente (Tabela 1 e Figura 2).
This view is echoed by Helen Flack, chairwoman of the British House Rabbit Association (BHRA).
A proposal similar to SUBTRANS was made by the British Hydromechanics Research Association (BHRA) in the early 1970s for a British national tube transportation system for general commodity freight.
In 1986, the British Hydromechanics Research Association (BHRA) announced a method of injecting abrasive between the high pressure pump and the delivery nozzle (Figure 4), the DIAjet method[9].
Blagoy Ragin, Chair of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA), has said that the full indoor smoking ban will be lifted in six months, once a new government assumes office.
Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on the Aerodynamics and Ventilation of Vehicle Tunnels, Cambridge, BHRA, paper J1.
Funding agreement between BHRA and Newco, involving preparation of budget each autumn by BHRA to be discussed with, and justified to, Newco.
For further information on house rabbits, write to: The British House Rabbit Association (BHRA), PO Box 346, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 1FA.
The Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Hotel and Restaurant Owners (BHRA), Blagoy Ragin says the boycott will, most likely, last until the end of the years and aims at showing the difference in profits when smoking is allowed inside.
The Donoughue group has recommended that racingOs administration, governance and regulation should be taken over by a new body to be called the British Horse Racing Authority (BHRA), (see panel).
He later moved again, to Vrndavana, where he helped Rupa edit the Bhaktirasamrtasindhu (BhRAS), before writing many of his own learned works on the BhP and related theological topics.