BHRPBryantsville Hunger Relief Project (est. 1985; Beford, IN)
BHRPBrian Head Resort Properties (Utah)
BHRPBlackdown Hills Rural Partnership (est. 1995; UK)
BHRPBlack Hill Regional Park (Boyds, MD)
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Uma vez realizada a classificacao das imagens, efetuou-se o mapeamento dos fragmentos naturais, ortofotomosaico, dos anos de 1980, 1990, 2000 e 2010 recortando-os com base nos limites da BHRP e suas subbacias (Figura 2).
Utilizou-se a versao para dados vetoriais com base nos arquivos de fragmentos naturais categorizados na etapa anterior, tanto para nivel de paisagem, quanto de classe individual da paisagem da BHRP.
A fim de caracterizar a estrutura da paisagem da BHRP foi construido, neste trabalho, um modelo de qualidade ambiental da paisagem para as subbacias hidrograficas, denominado de Indice de Qualidade Estrutural da Paisagem (IQEP).
In BHRP, mobile behavioral auditors can go into the field to view and record staff performance (Cautilli, Rosenwasser, & Clarke, 2000).
Some behaviorally defined measures that behavioral auditors in BHRP systems may target are promptness and consistency of worker arrival, quality of interaction with the child, parent or teacher, number of individualized comments made to the child, and frequency, intensity, duration and appropriateness of form with respects to the delivery of treatments identified in the treatment plan.
In addition to the above measures, BHRP need to rely on softer measures such job satisfaction surveys (Mawhinney, 1989) and parent and teacher satisfaction surveys.
Meeting before services begin, the mission, goals, and objectives for the BHRP are discussed and reviewed.
Building refers to establishing close relationships between supervisory staff in the BHRP and the administrators in the community program, such as teachers or principals.
These are questions that evaluation in BHRP has failed to answer.
All of these problems have led to generally poor quality services and the poor image that BHRPs have developed.
Thus BHRPs suffer from a host of problems from program quality to integrity.
BHRPS in Pennsylvania have three primary positions: Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC); Mobile Therapists (MT); and Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS).