BHRSBahrain Human Rights Society
BHRSBehavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (Department of Public Welfare; Pennsylvania)
BHRSBehavioral Health & Recovery Services (California)
BHRSBoise Hydrogeophysical Research Site (Boise, ID)
BHRSBaltic Hotel and Restaurant Systems (Tallinn, Estonia)
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Focusing on the French market, the mean BHRs are, respectively, -0.009%, -0.04%and -0.05% for the 6 months, 1 year and 3 years after the IPO date.
Comportamento similar foi observado para a cultivar 'BHRS 2,3', padrao de resistencia as racas 2 e 3, que foi resistente (R) as racas 1 e 2, porem moderadamente suscetivel (MS) a raca 3 (Tabela 1).
Its speciality lies in providing BHRS to children and adolescents, particularly those with autistic disorders.
We use three-year BHRs to measure the long run stock performance of IPO firms as they represent a feasible investment strategy to investors.
An official complaint by Bahraini journalists, who claim they were insulted at a conference organised by the society on August 28, attended by relatives of detainees, prompted an investigation into the motives of the BHRS and other human rights groups, the ministry said.
I believe the books written by Sarah are not against Buddhism," The Times quoted Deerazi, as saying on the BHRS web site.
A 10-member delegation from the Bahrain Human Rights Society (BHRS) met with inmates at Isa Town Detention Center.
(54) This patient group was composed of 1,209 BHRs (Birmingham hip resurfacing) performed.
Behavioral health rehabilitation services (BHRS), sometimes referred to as "wraparound," included behavioral health services delivered in nontraditional settings such as schools, homes, and the community.
The sample yields positive BHRs over all periods: 7.83%, 17.04%, 21.99%, 26.59%, and 48.19% during the first 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months, respectively.
In Pennsylvania, the two systems that primarily support this rapidly growing population are the public school districts and the mental health/behavioral health and rehabilitative services (BHRS) system.