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However, BHRS disputed the journalists' version of events and rejected the ensuing criticism by columnists, politicians and the Bahrain Journalists Association.
BHRS has a prison monitoring committee and was the first human rights group to visit the Jaw Prison for men in 2005.
Sixty-eight percent of expenditures among children in special education were for BHRS, compared with 56% for other children (p < .
The key to BHRS is the same key that we tell many of the families in our programs: open lines of communication in the establishment and evaluation of goals and interventions, clear communication of the rules of behavior that we wish to see, monitoring and supervision of that behavior with rewards being rendered contingently on behavior that we value.
BATP, like all BHRS, takes a family-focused approach in which both the families of the children and the children themselves are considered partners and experts with regards to the development and evaluation of services (Andersen-Butcher & Ashton, 2004).
We received the invitations and are now preparing our agenda to be submitted in the dialogue process,' said former BHRS secretary-general Abdulla Al Deerazi.
Abdullah Al Durazi, the head of BHRS, said that the training would start in the first quarter of next year and that the society would need BD30,000 (Dh292,400).
The coalition is made up of the BTS, the Bahrain Women's Union, General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions and BHRS.
The decision follows various legal and administrative violations that proved the BHRS had steered away from objectively promoting the views of all sections of society, the ministry said in a statement.
The BHRS will submit its findings to the interior minister.
in the BHRS Conference Room of the Health Services Building, 225 37th Ave, 3rd Floor, San Mateo, CA.
Any kind of protest at this stage should be peaceful and approved by authorities concerned," said BHRS secretary-general Dr Abdulla Al Deerazi.