BHRWSBahrain Human Rights Watch Society
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is more important than profits," said Faisal Fulad, secretary-general of the BHRWS.
The violations and observations registered by the BHRWS will be compiled in a report that will be submitted at the upcoming United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting in Geneva.
In the last few years, BHRWS has documented hundreds of incidents, which it said proved "the hard-line Iranian agenda being spread in Bahrain".
Mr Fulad is heading a delegation from the BHRWS and the European Gulf Centre for Human Rights at the three-day forum, which ends today.
BHRWS secretary general Faisal Fulad, who expressed his disappointment at the silence of officials regarding the growing problem, has submitted a letter to Assistant Foreign Minister Abdulla Al Dossary stressing the human rights violations in these incidents.
BHRWS members say they will attend the Press conference.
This is the fourth video which we are taking up as part of our campaign," BHRWS secretary general Faisal Fulad told the GDN.
It is important for migrant workers group and other civil society organisations to send us their feedback,' said BHRWS secretary-general Faisal Fulad.
A delegation of independent civil rights groups, including BHRWS, will also be part of the sessions.
Almoayyed said the BHRWS had helped find alternative accommodation for Pakistanis living in Hidd.
We are aiming to enlighten the public about their rights and the need for them to be reacting to situations like what we see in the video," BHRWS secretary general Faisal Fulad told the GDN.
The (Facebook) group and the BHRWS are appealing to those imposing the bans to find a more humane policy of ensuring money owed is paid back," the BHRWS said in a statement.