BHSABrooklyn High School of the Arts (New York)
BHSABanco Hipotecario SA (Spanish: Mortgage Bank SA; Argentina)
BHSABachelor of Health Services Administration (academic degree)
BHSABoalt Hall Student Association (University of California, Berkeley)
BHSABehavioral Health Services Association of South Carolina
BHSABadger Horse Show Association (Wisconsin)
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Later after receiving protest calls from various districts, BHSA members will soon hold a protest if Aurangabad police authority will fails to penalise the culprits.
Statistik iiber die Juden in den Einwohnerwehren," EWB, NL Kanzler Band 20c, BHSA IV.
Polizeiliche Rechte und Pflichten der aufgerufenen Einwohnerwehren Bayerns," 16 July 1920, EWB Band 2, BHSA IV; "Organisation des Nachrichtendienstes bei Unruhen," EWB Band 2, BSHA IV.
9 September 1920; Ministerium des Innern (M Inn) 66,139; BHSA Abteilung II (II).
Previous work on the Medicaid Analytic eXtract informed our list of diagnosis and procedure codes used to identify beneficiaries using BHSA services.
For example, non-ELE children are more likely to be infants (Table 2), a group that uses inpatient, emergency room, and physician services more intensively than other children, while using fewer dental, vision, and BHSA services.
Use of "Wraparound" Services--Pharmacy, BHSA, Dental, Vision
Use of BHSA services was much less common, but, again, ELE enrollees were about half as likely to use any of these services relative to non-ELE enrollees in Louisiana.
Birkenhead A BRAND new group, Friends of BHSA Shelters will meet for the first time tomorrow at 6pm to discuss the restoration and reopening project of the school''s underground WWII air raid shelters.
BHSA principal Christine Mann paid tribute to the charitable efforts of her student, adding: "We are so proud of Lucia and her fundraising efforts, not just that she herself has done so much but that she has managed to involve so many of her friends and peers.
The comments follow calls for Mr Hunt''s department to intervene with the BHSA and Aintree to ensure measures are taken to make the famous race less lethal.
A spokeswoman for the racecourse said: The BHSA is reviewing all elements what happened in this year''s race to see whether any measures need to be put in place on the grounds of safety.