BHSCBaulkham Hills Shire Council (Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia)
BHSCBuffalo Harbor Sailing Club (New York)
BHSCBuffalo Hearing & Speech Center (New York)
BHScBachelor of Home Science
BHSCButton Head Socket Cap
BHSCBachelor of Household Science (conferred by the University of Guelph in Canada until 1971)
BHScBachelor In Health Sciences
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In the agency sphere BHSC record is now 4-4 over the past decade and is believed to be the best of any agency that has gone to as many hearings has they have over the same period.
Lozano will be joined by former BHSC department heads, Matt Hannaford, certified player agent and head of recruiting, Kimberly Crossett, director of marketing, Josh Goldberg, director of public relations, Tim Clarke, head of statistics & research, along with several others.
Lozano, who represents Albert Pujols of the Cardinals, Jimmy Rollins of the Philles, and Michael Young of the Rangers, is likely to retain those players after leaving BHSC as more often than not, the player has the strongest relationship to the agent, not the agency.
Even with Lozano's departure as Crasnick notes, Borris, Dan Horwits and Rick Thurman, the other BHSC agents, represent Tim Lincecum, Jayson Werth, Trevor Hoffman, Mark Reynolds, Brian Wilson and several other high-profile clients.
slug=ti-lincecum112409&prov=yhoo&type=lgns&expire=1) that "The Freak", BHSC, and the MLBPA have discussed an offering figure of $23 million, plus one-dollar.
The BHSC has created an assortment of click-through icons that organizations can place on their home pages.
Research shows that hearing health affects everything from job performance and income to personal relationships," says Sergei Kochkin, PhD, executive director of the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) and a leading member of the BHSC.
The BHSC urges everyone, young and old, to rise to the challenge and check their hearing.