BHSDBehavioral Health Services Division
BHSDBloomfield Hills School District (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
BHSDBig Hollow School District (Ingleside, IL)
BHSDBoyden-Hull School District (Iowa)
BHSDBozeman High School District (Montana)
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Based on Dutt's wrong reading devasya pratipattavyam, instead of the actual reading devasya katham pratipattavyam in the manuscript, Edgerton misinterprets pratipattavya ('to be done, to be handled') as 'on account of (see BHSD, 364, s.
For the adjective manku/mangu/madgu Edgerton gave the meanings "upset, abashed, embarrassed" in his BHSD.
BHSD, 517); the syntax of this clause is seriously strained by this misconstrual.