BHSPBristol Health Services Plan (UK)
BHSPBolton-Hunter Substance P
BHSPBasic Health Services Project (various locations)
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These larvae, and all others used in the studies we report here, originated from stock sourced from a wild population at BHSP and were raised on Caesalpinia bonduc L.
ashmeadi S BHSP (1,2) Monomorium floricola u BHSP (1,2) Subfamily Dolichoderinae Forelius pruinosus S ENP (1), BHSP (1) Tapinoma melanocephalum S BHSP (1,2) Subfamily Formicinae Camponotus floridanus S BHSP (1,2), BNP (2), ENP (1) Camponotus inaequalis KWNWR (3) Camponotus planatus S DJSP (2), BNP (2), BHSP (1) Paratrechina bourbonica pS BHSP (2) Paratrechina longicornis pS BHSP (2), KWNWR (3) Interaction status suggested by Saarinen & Daniels (2006): P = potential predator, pS = potential symbiont (i.
Texture patterns were observed by using an Olympus BHSP polarizing microscope equipped with a Linkam TH-600RMS hot stage at magnifications of 200x, 400x, 600x in the temperature range of 20 to 450 [degrees] C.