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BHSSBloomington High School South (Bloomington, Indiana)
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BHSSBorehole Seismic Survey (petroleum industry)
BHSSBunker Hill Superfund Site (Idaho)
BHSSBronx High School of Science
BHSSBritish Horse Society Scotland
BHSSBarcelona Housing Service for Students
BHSSBachelor of Health Sciences Society (McMaster University; Canada)
BHSSBirmingham Healthy School Standard (UK)
BHSSBritish Health and Safety Society
BHSSBasic Health Services Scheme
BHSSBunk House Single Slide
BHSSBurleigh Heads State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
BHSSBackhoe Safety Sheet
BHSSBalestier Hill Secondary School (Singapore)
BHSSBatting Helmet Sterling Silver
BHSSBirdhouse Skateboard Shredded
BHSSBridgeport Hospital Scientific Symposium
BHSSBreakaway Halter Safety Strap
BHSSBharathiya Hindu Suraksha Samiti
BHSSBoom Handling/Skimmer Support
BHSSBangalore Higher Secondary School (Bangalore, India)
BHSSBarriers to Help Seeking Scale
BHSSBasic Hardware and Software Support
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Dr Al Shehab, who is also BHSS secretary general, said the guards will be trained on how to immediately attend to an emergency, perform CPR and maintain calm and order.
The 80 mesh sieve for both soil and dust was initiated at the BHSS in 1974 and focuses analyses on particle sizes more likely to adhere to hands and other surfaces and be ingested by children (Panhandle District Health Department et al.
The involvement of BHSS in the project also piqued interest in LSS tools and methodologies among other sections within BSHOP and resulted in 15 employees obtaining their Yellow Belt certification.
ABBREVIATIONS PRIMARY SOURCES AB Aitareya Brahmana AV Atharvaveda ApSS Apastamba Srauta Sutra AsvSS Asvalayana Srauta Sutra BSS Baudhayana Srauta Sutra BhSS Bharadvaja Srauta Sutra HirKSS Hiranyakesi Srauta Sutra KB Kausitaki Brahmana KS Kathaka Samhita MSS Manava Srauta Sutra MS Maitrayani Samhita YV Yajurveda VarSS Varaha Srauta Sutra SBK Satapatha Brahmana, Kanva recension SBM Satapatha Brahmana, Madhyandina recension SV Samaveda SSS Sankhayana Srauta Sutra SECONDARY SOURCES GGA Gottingische Gelehrte Anzeigen IIJ Indo-Iranian Journal JA Journal asiatique JAOS Journal of the American Oriental Society StII Studien zur Indologie und Iranistik WZKS Wiener Zeitschrift fur die Kunde Sudasiens ZDMG Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft
However, BHSS operations director, Mr John Crossley, admitted that the poll also showed a great deal of confusion about the benefits of a survey.
The campaign, 'We Want You Safe', is being spearheaded by Bahrain Health and Safety Society (BHSS) and will kick off today at the Alba Club, Riffa with 80 bikers attending the first training session.
Remediation activities were adapted to local technical and institutional capabilities from protocols developed at the Bunker Hill Superfund Site (BHSS), Idaho, USA (NRC 2005; Sheldrake and Stifelman 2003; U.S.
He was speaking ahead of his participation in a Bahrain Health and Safety Society (BHSS) workshop at the Novotel Al Dana Resort tonight.
(44.) On the vrata-cow and the vrata-milk, see, for example, SB, BSS 6.6-7, BhSS 10.9.11-10.11.14; on the vrata-milk = Agnihotra, see KB 7.3.
"First of all, parents shouldn't leave their children alone at any time," said a BHSS spokesman.