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The 80 mesh sieve for both soil and dust was initiated at the BHSS in 1974 and focuses analyses on particle sizes more likely to adhere to hands and other surfaces and be ingested by children (Panhandle District Health Department et al.
Partition coefficients used in these analyses included the IEUBK model default, those originally developed to support BHSS cleanup criteria, and values derived from SEM.
Based on experience with the BHSS cleanup and development of the parent database, numerous combinations of spatial, temporal, and age-specific variable constructs and database time periods were explored (data not shown).
Figure 1 summarizes arithmetic and geometric mean soil/dust IRs calculated for four source partition scenarios: a) the IEUBK model default 55% dust/45% yard soil (55/45), b) the original BHSS model applying 40% dust/30% yard soil/30% geometric mean community soil (40/30/30G) (Panhandle District Health Department 1986), c) the same partition using arithmetic average community soil (40/30/30A), and d) the SEM (50/25/10/15).
The BHSS remediation strategy integrates contaminant removal and clean soil replacement, institutional controls, and lead health advocacy to reduce children's lead intake to acceptable levels (NRC 2005; Sheldrake and Stifelman 2003; U.
Common areas and residential compounds were assessed for lead and other metals in situ by modifying BHSS protocols for hand-held X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and by laboratory XRF of bulk and sieved samples of surface soils, dusts, and mining wastes (Bartrem et al.
Environmental exposure estimates were developed consistent with the BHSS cleanup model.
standard and are equivalent to the residential soil exposures defined in the BHSS cleanup model.
Tenders are invited for Construction of 100 bedded Girls Hostel BHSS Kulgam
Tenders are invited for Construction of 100 bedded hostel at BHSS Tral under RMSA
Tenders are invited for 22 ea Corbin Russwin ML2065-BHSS-CL6-630 Dormitory function mortise lock with BHSS trim.