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1b) that lie outside the BHSZ with the Cambrian rocks south of the shear zone.
We also found no evidence that the Cambrian rocks were thrust northwestward over the Pennsylvanian rocks along the BHSZ during [D.sub.1] as proposed by Skehan and Rast (1990).
Subsequent interaction between the two continents is interpreted to have caused sinistral shear along NNE-trending zones in the western passage of Narragansett Bay and the western basin margin ([D.sub.3]), followed by dextral shear along a NE-trending zone, including the BHSZ and southwestern part of the basin (Mahler-Cogswell and Mosher 1994).
The proposal by Skehan and Rast (1990) and Rast and Skehan (1990) that the BHSZ is a terrane boundary between the Esmond-Dedham and Bulgarmarsh terranes is not substantiated by our work or other work in the basin.