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BHTButylated Hydroxytoluene
BHTBody Hair Transplantation (surgical procedure)
BHTBranch History Table
BHTBottom-Hole Temperature
BHTBernard l'Hermite Terrestre (French: Land Hermit Crab)
BHTBlunt Head Trauma
BHTBell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
BHTBadminton Horse Trials (UK)
BHTBremer Hafentelematik (Germany)
BHTBrinell Hardness Test
BHTBattlefield Health and Trauma (military medical supply contracting)
BHTBio-Heat Transfer
BHTBoulogne Hub Terminal (Boulogne, France)
BHTBritish Home Tutors (UK)
BHTBlack Hole Tube (DJ Scissorkicks)
BHTBig Hunky Teen
BHTBuffer Handling Technique
BHTBourgogne Hydro Technologie (French: Burgundy Hydro Technology)
BHTBudway Heritage Trucking
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De otra parte, MDPA, BHT y alfa tocoferol, dado que son compuestos fenolicos estericamente impedidos, funcionan como antioxidantes atrapando los radicales oxi y peroxi (35) .
The addition of BHT Group will enable us to become the market leader in automated endoscope reprocessors in Germany," stated Jorgen Hansen, president and CEO.
BHT Group is the parent company of BHT Hygienetechnik GmbH and ESCAD Medical GmbH.
As the extracts of Ficus palmata are concerned leaf distilled water extract and stem petroleum ether extracts are closer to BHT with values 74.
0 mM BHT may be due to the fact that osmotic pressure of semen extender used in this study was optimized in last experiment.
In Table 1 and Figure 1, the reducing power of the target compounds and standards (ascorbic acid, BHT and a-tocopherol) using the potassium ferricyanide reduction method is shown.
Data regarding post-thaw semen quality indices in response to various concentrations of BHT on Tris-based extender are presented in Table I.
En esta estacion reaparece el fenol Butylated hydroxytoluene - BHT, el cual estaba presente en la Estacion 1; el Salicyl Alcohol registra irritaciones cutaneas y oculares (Categoria 2), toxicidad especifica en determinados organos - exposicion unica (Categoria 3); y el Phen-1,4-diol, 2,3-dimethyl-5-trifluoromethyl, no registra informacion de toxicidad y bio-actividad en la base de datos PubChem Compound.
Nitroxyl-based additives such as TEMPO provide several performance advantages over hydrogen donor antioxidants such as BHT.
Two months following the training, the PEFR is recorded in both the groups using the Wright Peak flow meter and the BHT, by using a stop watch.
The first lot was stored without adding antioxidant; to the second was added 500 ppm BHT at the beginning of storage; and to the third was added 500 ppm BHT after 21 days of storage.
Artificial preservatives include sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, sodium benzoate, calcium sorbate, potassium sorbate, calcium propionate, BHA, BHT, and EDTA.