BHTCBell Helicopter Textron Canada
BHTCBristnall Hall Technology College (UK)
BHTCBrooklyn House & Trance Company
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aThe first stage of our investment was implemented successfully and we have reached the stage of production,a said BHTC Managing Director Andreas Teuner.
Teuner told Lukarski that other investors had asked BHTC about the opportunities offered by the Industrial Zone Sofia-Bozhurishte with a view to developing a production facility in Bulgaria.
Mr Zhang, who is in charge of the financial decisions for BHTC, led the delegation.
For some companies, especially large companies, the director has to be the authority signing the contract with the bureaus, as is the case with BHTC.
Such a decision put BHTC and other Chinese producers into an extremely difficult position.
The market for product X manufactured by BHTC was shrinking and the capacity needed to develop new products required a huge investment which is largely dependent on government support.
Based on the assumption that BHTC would not make a profit that year, he placed the limit at less than 15 percent, in addition to the remitted profit target remaining at the same level as the year before.
Then the High-Tech Bureau worked out a final draft for BHTC in which the profit target was reduced to 3,740,000 Yuan but the limit to which employees' incomes could be lowered was kept at 20 percent.
The Financial Bureau was satisfied about the total sum of remitted profits that would be collected from all the state-owned companies under its jurisdiction, although it felt that the target for BHTC was too low.
On 8 December, BHTC signed the contract with the Beijing High-Tech bureau, the local Financial Bureau, the local Labour Bureau, the local Tax Bureau, the local State-Assets Administration Bureau, and the local Industrial and Commercial Bank.
Positioned on the third level of power, BHTC is not formally at the mercy of the two other actors, for it has the options of not joining the negotiation, of adjourning it, or of refusing to sign the final proposal.
BHTC seems to move in just the opposite direction, but finally secures enough benefits through integrative work and intervention from higher authorities.