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' The air strikes at Zanari were planned and executed based on intelligence reports indicating that the BHTs had established a training camp in the village and were converging in an area prior to departing for an attack on own troops locations around the Lake Chad area.
'Accordingly, the ATF scrambled II NAF Alpha Jet aircraft for a pre-emptive strike on two specified locations within Zanari, where the BHTs were assembled,' he said.
We were surprised to find BHT of both the MM and LM in the same knee; furthermore, both of the displaced menisci were stuck in the intercondylar notch [Figure 1]c.
After the soft tissue was stabilized (nine days after the accident), we decided to perform open reduction and buttress plate fixation for the tibial plateau fracture and open repair of the LM BHT and to subsequently repair the MM BHT and fix the ACL tibial avulsion fracture arthroscopically.
In the conventional bimodal branch predictor, the low-order J bits of the branch address index into a branch history table (BHT) of size [2.sup.J] entries.
Adesanya said that the NAF would continue to deploy its platforms to conduct intensive ISR missions aimed at discovering the locations of possible remnants of BHTs in the entire Northeast.
Can-Eng Furnaces is at the forefront of aluminum heat treating technology and will be showcasing its Basketless Heat Treating System (BHTS [TM]) for the efficient treatment of aluminum intensive automotive engine blocks, cylinder heads, structures and suspension components.
CAN-ENG's New Basketless Heat Treating System (BHTS) for the processing of aluminum intensive automobile components reduces energy consumption, eliminates basket repair, reduces floor space requirements and reduces maintenance costs.
Can-Eng's BHTS eliminates the need for product conveying baskets, carriers, trays or fixtures which require continuous repairs and replacement, reducing capital costs and greatly reducing energy consumption requirements.
To get an accurate estimation, the reliability of these solute geothermometers was also evaluated by comparing the measured bottom-hole temperature (BHT) of the geothermal wells (Table 9).
Bucket-handle tear (BHT) of the medial meniscus accompanying an ACL rupture
BHT Bicma Hygienetechnologies, Mayen, Germany, and SSP Technology, Garlasco, Italy, will present the latest information on their jointly developed special ultrathin core technology.