BHTVBandung High Tech Valley (Indonesia)
BHTVBosanko-Hercegovacka Televizija
BHTVBeverly Hills Television (Beverly Hills, California)
BHTVBorehole Televiewer Downhole Tool (Well Logging)
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Customers who have Bright House Networks video services as well as a My Services account and high speed Internet with a wireless router along with the app can watch the full BHTV lineup in the home.
BHTV works on a download basis where customers receive the content direct to their computer and can view it as many times as they wish.
An inspection was undertaken of the borehole wall by BHTV (Borehole Televiewer) and FMI (Formation Micro Imager) after completion of the hydraulic fracturing experiment, and stress measurements related to hydraulic fracturing were also performed [7].