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BHVBrussel-Halle-Vilvoorde (Flemish)
BHVBazar de l'Hôtel de Ville (French)
BHVBrowser History Viewer
BHVBovine Herpesvirus
BHVBedrijfs Hulp Verlening (Dutch: Business Assistance Grant)
BHVBruxelles Halle Vilvorde (French)
BHVBeacon Hill Village (Boston, Massachusetts)
BHVBead Hive (jewelry makers & bead suppliers)
BHVBig Horn Velo (cycling organization; New York)
BHVBuffet de l'Hôtel de Ville (French; restaurant; Belgium)
BHVBowers Harbor Vineyards (Michigan)
BHVBaker Hughes Video (well logging)
BHVBaring Hellenic Ventures
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His complaint was intended to cause political problems for Belgium's Liberal government, which refused to divide the BHV district as the French-speaking parties in the government refused to accept the verdict of the Supreme Court.
At the time of our naming him the recipient of the greatest award this magazine could confer on an entrepreneur, BHV had secured a position on the BE Insurance list with close to $40 million in assets.
The laser-light technique allows for a broad spectrum of applications, including investigating basic heart-mechanics, vascular related diseases, and various bioprosthetic heart valve BHV issues.
The BHV is a short list of items that determines the frequency of violent episodes in the subject's past: Items are scored by type (e.
Whetstone are testing a genetically altered version of BHV 1 that might be used to develop a safer vaccine against IBR.
Impulse wedding purchase The small Moimee studio is located in an outdoor courtyard next to the BHV, one of Paris' top department stores, and is surrounded by coffee bars, sandwich stands and faux-fur-covered lounge chairs.
While the brand sells at department stores like ABC and BHV, the 126-square meter space on Fakhry Bey Street in the Beirut Souks area is its first standalone store in the country.
Summer 2008 | CLINIQUE will be available in June 2008 at participating Clinique counters Debenhams (UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait), Harvey Nichols (UAE & KSA), ABC & BHV (Lebanon) & Areej ( UAE &Oman).
At BHV in City Mall, this year's back-to-school display is center stage on the ground floor of the high-end department store, and its staff has quickly become familiar with what the youth of 2012 are after.